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      Investigation of Heat Transfer Characteristics in Twin-Cyclonic Swirling Fluidized-Bed Combustor Firing Biomass Fuels  

      Collection: Theses (Master's degree) - Energy Engineering / วิทยานิพนธ์ - วิศวกรรมพลังงาน
      Type: Thesis
      Nattawat SOPAMART; ณัฐวัฒน์ โสภามาตร; KASAMA SIRISOMBOON; กษมา ศิริสมบูรณ์; Silpakorn University. Engineering and Industrial Technology (Silpakorn University, 26/11/2021)
      The objective of this study was to investigate the heat transfer coefficient in a twin-cyclonic fluidized-bed combustor (TS-FBC) for firing with eucalyptus bark and co-firing with eucalyptus bark (as a primary fuel) and ...

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