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      Design Conceptual and Analysis of Tie and Knot Techniques use in Product, Furniture and Decorative Art 

      Collection: Theses (Ph.D) - Design Arts / ดุษฎีนิพนธ์ - ศิลปะการออกแบบ
      Type: Thesis
      Korakot AROMDEE; กรกต อารมย์ดี; Eakachat Joneurairatana; เอกชาติ จันอุไรรัตน์; Silpakorn University. Decorative Arts (Silpakorn University, 18/6/2021)
      What factors retain the knotting and tie local craft heritage and valuable in daily life and economic benefit? The fishermen's lifestyles focused on the interest of living with muddy slopes along the seaside area. Such ...

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