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      Areas that overlap with gender 

      Collection: Theses (Master's degree) - Visual Arts / วิทยานิพนธ์ - ทัศนศิลป์
      Type: Thesis
      Chanasorn TOKIEW; ชนสรณ์ โตเขียว; Prakarn Jantaravichit; ปราการ จันทรวิชิต; Silpakorn University. Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts (Silpakorn University, 1/7/2022)
        This thesis aims to study an overlap between genders, which is hard to differentiate, and a symbolic search to form a symbol that conveys a meaning of gender and the meaning of defilement of gender that is inside all ...
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      Jewelry design project to Increased confidence and a good image for Transgender people 

      Collection: Theses (Master's degree) - Jewerly Design / วิทยานิพนธ์ - การออกแบบเครื่องประดับ
      Type: Thesis
      Pongsatone JEANSIRI; พงศธร เจียรศิริ; Pathamaphorn Praphitphongwanit; ปฐมาภรณ์ ประพิศพงศ์วานิช; Silpakorn University. Decorative Arts (Silpakorn University, 12/7/2019)
      This study aimed to (1) This study aimed to design the jewelry that could enhance the confidence and good image for the group of people who called themselves as transgender.   The jewelry would be designed to enhance the ...

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