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      Collection: Theses (Master's degree) - Jewerly Design / วิทยานิพนธ์ - การออกแบบเครื่องประดับ
      Type: Thesis
      Taned BOONPRASARN; ทเนศ บุญประสาน; PENSIRI CHARTNIYOM; เพ็ญสิริ ชาตินิยม; Silpakorn University. Decorative Arts (Silpakorn University, 10/7/2020)
      The objective of this research is to create contemporary jewelry inspired  by “Normcore”conceptual studies. According to my own analysis “Normcore” can be defined as normality, adaptations to different situations, socializing ...
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      Space of Mind 

      Collection: Theses (Master's degree) - Visual Arts / วิทยานิพนธ์ - ทัศนศิลป์
      Type: Thesis
      Ployprannasa PHANPHOTHONG; พลอยพรรณษา พันธ์โพธิ์ทอง; Chusak Srikwan; ชูศักดิ์ ศรีขวัญ; Silpakorn University. Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts (Silpakorn University, 2/1/2019)
      This "space of mind" thesis is inspired by the need for space to express itself fully in society. Through creative presentations in the artistic context. Various techniques, methods and materials. Is a mixed media. The ...

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