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      Comparative extraction method of Mitragynine for forensic scienceand their Antibacterial Property of Mitragyna speciosa Korth. 

      Collection: Theses (Master's degree) - Forensic Science / วิทยานิพนธ์ – นิติวิทยาศาสตร์
      Type: Thesis
      Kittisak MUANDAO; กิตติศักดิ์ เหมือนดาว; Muhammad Niyomdecha; มูฮำหมัด นิยมเดชา; Silpakorn University. Science (Silpakorn University, 12/7/2019)
      This experiment studied and compared the extracting method and separating of Mitragynine from Katom in a quantitative and speed of the extraction method. The method commonly used in the general extraction of alkaloids and ...
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      Study of synthetic conditions and biological activity of selenium nanoparticles from garlic extract. 

      Collection: Theses (Master's degree) - Biotechnology / วิทยานิพนธ์ - เทคโนโลยีชีวภาพ
      Type: Thesis
      Pinprapha SRIBENJARAT; ปิ่นประภา ศรีเบ็ญจรัตน์; KALYANEE JIRASRIPONGPUN; กัลยาณี จิรศรีพงศ์พันธ์; Silpakorn University. Engineering and Industrial Technology (Silpakorn University, 12/6/2020)
      Garlic extract contained Phenolic (3.09 ± 0.02 mg GAE / g) and Flavonoids (0.045 ± 0.01 mg CE / g) that could be a reducing agent and capping agent in the synthesis of garlic selenium nanoparticles. However, the reducing ...

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